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Body Psych Healing

topic - the astonishing relationship between body and mind......

Well - being cannot be infused intravenously or ladled out by prescription.  Western medicine is beginning to recognize that health and disease don't just happen to us.  They are part of a matrix: the bodymind.  They are active processes issuing from inner harmony or disharmony, profoundly affected by our states of consciousness, our ability or inability to flow with experiences.  They reflect psychological and somatic harmony. As more is learned in brain research, the connection between mind an illness becomes more understandable.  The brain masterminds or indirectly influenced every function of the body: blood pressure, heart rate, immune responses, hormones, everything.  Its mechanisms are linked by an alarm network, and it has a kind of dark genius, organizing disorders appropriate to our most neurotic imaginings. 

Ken Dychtwald
Author of Bodymind


Etheric Healing

Etheric healing teaches active ways to release ourselves from the tensions that come from living in our fast-paced world.  The human body and psyche are a battlefield where these tensions are exercised.  Wilhelm Reich (a student of Freud) observed that the body was connected to the emotions.  Freud understood how we use these vast amounts of energy to suppress the experience of pain from past events. Reich discovered that these unexperienced events literally freeze in the body. Etheric healing is an extremely effective way of quickly renewing and help healing the body.  Consider the body as an energy field.  In a healthy person, the field is uniformly smooth.  If disease or pain exists in the body, irregularities appear in the field.  Etheric healing removes the irregular energy from this field, that helps to eliminate the body of disease and pain.  Cris's teaching of "chi healing energy" that aids in healing;  broken bones, shrinks cancer tumors, helps MS patients to walk, stroke victims, colitis, sciatica, grow new skin cells keeping from having skin grafting... 

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