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"Interpreting Body Psychology" classes are held in private, peaceful, beautiful surroundings in North Scottsdale, Arizona.  This 4-hour class is in-depth, yet fun and entertaining.

It includes...
Transforming techniques you can easily incorporate into your daily routine that will change your life.

  • If you are a health  practitioner, learning how to incorporate this to help your own clients.

  • Your own copy of the book, "Interpreting Body Psychology"

  • Chef prepared lunch of stuffed fish, grilled chicken vegetables and rice with dessert.


Interpreting Body Psychology Classes



Explore all of the great ancient cultures that described man as having three basic instincts: Physical, Emotional, and Mental. These three philosophical instincts were also viewed as having bodily correspondents. The head was the seat of the mental instinct, the heart was the seat of the emotional instinct, and the gut was the seat of the physical instinct. The body is a reflection, a map of the mind.

Learn: a basic approach to understanding psychology of the body, the body-mind correspondence.

The body is a reflection, a map of the mind. Learn: the physical and emotional patterns that cause tension that is then held in the body. Learn: to identify the link, between repeated thoughts and physical structure:


Learn : how the effects of integration of body /mind causes behavioral change.

Learn: how to release body tension, that will correct your physical structure by being more aligned with gravity.

Learn : how to correct your negative thoughts that are created by certain ways you stand and how your voice and emotions change by the way you stand, sit, or lean.

Learn : how to stand in a certain way that creates in one minute, more awareness, ease, and stability in your body as you walk. As a result your mind and body are connected and relaxed.

Learn: a breathing pattern that brings more oxygen that fill the lungs, giving the needed oxygen to the brain.

Learn: to align your chackras

Learn: to heal Sciatica, TMJ, Migraine Headache.


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