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  • Etheric Healing is an extremely effective way of quickly renewing and healing the body without touching the body.  Etheric healing removes the irregular energy from the body.  Chi is lifeforce energy from the sun, air, and earth, thus eliminating the body of disease and pain. People experiencing etheric healing whether at home or in a medical setting have experienced more rapid recovery than expected.  

  • Body Psychology - We continue to relieve and experience both physically and emotionally painful events from our past.  By the time we are adults, we have lost our capacity to respond to what is going on in the present because we are responding to the present through reactions from the past.  With the knowledge from Interpreting Body Psychology, you will have a deeper understanding of patterns and tensions held in the body from past experiences; you will see the link between your subconscious thoughts and your physical structure. You will learn transforming techniques you can easily incorporate into your daily routine that can change your life.  

      All of the great ancient cultures described man as having three basic instincts: Physical, Emotional, and              Mental.  These three philosophical instincts were also viewed as having bodily correspondents.  The head          was the seat of mental instinct, the heart was the seat of the emotional instinct, and the gut was the seat
      of the physical instinct.  The body is a reflection, a map of the mind.  Learn the basic approach to                        understanding the psychology of the body, and you will learn the body-mind correspondence.

  • While studying Body Psychology you will learn that certain ways you stand will reveal your subconscious relationships with your parents.  

  • Breathing pattern that brings more oxygen that fills the lungs and giving the needed oxygen to the brain.

  • Grow new skin cells.  No need for skin grafting.  

  • Align your own chakras.

  • Energy: Learn how to work with Chi and Etheric Healing.

  • The rooting Stance will subconsciously change your thinking within one minute. 

  • Auras: A vibration of energy surrounding matter.  It can be a solid color or layers of color around the body.  There are three auras around the body.  The closest aura to the body is called the etheric double or the health aura.  This is the aura you will be working on to heal disease.

  • Protection from negative energy.

  • You will learn to move chi energy to help heal the body.

  • You will be given masks and sitting 6' apart.

Your ability to heal is to have the desire, focus, and intention.

6-week 12 classes course 

Fridays and Saturdays

Date to be Announced

Fridays 6 pm - 9 pm

Saturdays 9 am - 3 pm

Saturdays: 1/2 hour lunch break, bring your lunch.

Location in Scottsdale, AZ  to be announced 

Limited to 20 students per class

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