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Using a combination of the modalities she both uses and teaches, Cris helped to significantly shrink a cancerous tumor in my breast. Along with other life-style changes, we radically changed my original prognosis from the recommended double mastectomy to a “quick” lumpectomy within a six-month period. Cris worked on me during this six-month period several times a week, doing short energy healing sessions. As my emotions were revealed from this work, she would slip in some pattern release sessions when it made sense to do so. Cris is not limited by traditionally held beliefs about illness and healing, and is therefore competent to work on anybody with any sort of ailment. Using just her hands, Cris opens, reorganizes and clears her client’s energy blockages. The work appears to be subtle, yet it is so profound. I am so grateful for Cris’ work and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her (on my speed dial)!”



Sarara Corva

Scottsdale Arizona





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