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Cris was born with the gift of healing without touching the body.  Cris is also an empath.

By Dr. Judith Orloff M.D.

((author of the Empath Survival Guide)
An empath is someone who is a highly tuned instrument.  Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world.  Empaths are naturally giving people.  Spiritually attuned and good listeners, it is a rare gift which makes them what they are, Empaths.  Empaths can connect to other beings and animals on a deep level that goes beyond logic and words.  They fully see and feel other's past, present, and future.  Empaths feel others' physical pain and can often sense someone's intentions. Empaths have a rare trait that makes them even more powerful, these people are experts in human psychology.  Empaths absorb all sorts of energy.  They need to recharge a lot and when doing this they seek solitude.


Cris is the author of Interpreting Body Psychology and the former owner of The Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (“IPSB”) in Beverly Hills, California, and the owner of Healing Touch Massage Therapy in Fountain Hills, Arizona.   Cris Cotone is a master in integrating a variety of healing systems that best serve the needs of people in making physical changes in their bodies and in their lives.



Honored member of who's who of American Inventors 1992 - 1993. Cris invented a state-of-the-art massage machine.

Doctor of Philosophy, July 10, 2008, American College of Metaphysical Theology in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Certified Ordained Minister on July 10, 2008, the American College of Metaphysical Theology in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Cris has studied the various writings and practices: of leading practitioners in the field of bodywork.  Among those have been the work of Wilhelm Reich, Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Ken Dychtwald.

Cris studied under the following spiritual leaders:

Muktananda, the founder of Siddha Yoga (a spiritual path guided by meditation teacher and master.    

In an Interview With Swami Muktananda - The Sun Magazine; Muktananda was said to be a living saint, a perfectly realized human being, a sadguru — the highest of gurus. He had the ability, moreover, to give shaktipat, to awaken, by touch, or glance, or simply by his presence, the dormant energy in everyone called shakti or kundalini.

Swami Rama, at the Himalayan Institute, Pennsylvania 

One of the greatest gifts of Swami Rama to humanity was bringing the depths of the wisdom of the ancient sages of Yoga meditation, Vedanta, and Tantra to the people in highly accessible ways.Swami Rama was a fully enlightened Master in the ancient Himalayan Lineage of yogis, who, in their high initiations, confer direct experience into the mystery of consciousness. 

John Davison, Taoist Priest a kung fu master Los Angelos, CA

Taught Cris how to move chi energy in her body and other bodies.  She is a master at pattern release which is a technique removing past traumas from the cells and muscle tissue of the body, allowing the body to become aligned with gravity.  The physical body changes and so does the thinking.  The individual becomes lighter, happier and  healthier.  

                                                        Whole Lifetimes

June 8, 1989

Dear Cris,

We are very excited to present a new concept in our July Whole Life Times:  Women with their Issues. 

We intend to profile women who are actively exploring alternative living styles, imaginatively creating a world of harmony, and courageously challenging traditional philosophies.  Because of your personal achievements, we would like to invite you to be a part of this celebration of women shaping the new age. 

Lee Perry

Editor in Chief

Los Angelos, CA


Arizona State University

May 2, 2000

Dear Cris,

I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation to teach one section of holistic therapies for the helping professional.  Which will be offered the first semester of the summer session.  I have you scheduled for Wednesday, June 7th from 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm. 


"Your topic, Body Psychology is an important one and I am sure the students will benefit from your expertise and experience as a teacher. This is the first time a course of this nature is being taught in the School of Social Work at ASU and I am honored to have you launch this work.”  


Maria Napoli, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Arizona State University 



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