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"I couldn’t put my finger on the problem, but I knew I was repeating negative patterns. Although I have tried traditional therapy that helped me understand some issues, nothing really changed. A friend recommended Cris and my life has changed dramatically for the better. Soon after beginning my therapy with Cris, I no longer suffered from fibromyalgia. I was able to face and solve problems without any fear and I no longer needed to expose old wounds. I was scheduled for surgery so I hired Cris to stay with me for several days afterwards. My surgery lasted 8 hours and I had multiple incisions. I anticipated extreme swelling, bruising and pain as some of the surgery involved bone work. My recovery was truly amazing because of my work with Cris. I had limited bruising, swelling and no pain after just a couple of days. I work with Registered Nurses on a daily basis and they kept saying: “You sure do heal well. I can hardly see the incisions”. Three weeks after my surgery, no one could tell I had it done. My Doctor was amazed. He, too, echoed the nurses sentiments, “You sure do heal well,” he said. Anyone that has surgery will benefit dramatically from the truly gifted healing from this woman’s hands. I highly recommend her and feel truly blessed to have her in my life.”


Penny Kalish

CEO/President Home Care Resources













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