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Stroke Victims



I was told by many people that whatever muscle mobility was gained in the first six months would probably be what I would have to live with.

Cris started helping me on July 17, 2000, seven and one half months later, I now have control of my left arm and my left hand is involved in many tasks. I still use a walker but my gait is smooth.

Without the help of Cris I would still be that pitiful individual in a wheelchair without the freedom I have today and the ability to live independently.

Thanks Cris!

Glen Ours

Cris Cotone uses the "healing touch" to help Glen Ours who is recovering from a stroke he suffered more than a year ago.  Cotone, a Fountain Hills resident and owner of the local Healing Touch Massage Therapy, has been working with stroke patients in the Desert Flower assisted living facility in Scottsdale with some positive results.

April 25, 2001

The Fountain Hills Times

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