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Multiple Sclerosis

Cris knows what's going on inside your body - - energy is releasing as she moves her hands over your body.  The heat rises off my legs it's hard to explain as it moves down to my feet.  When she works on my head it feels like static electricity.  It feels like my hair is rising.

 "I experienced heat rising from my legs, all the way down to my feet. When she worked on my head, it felt like static electricity was making my hair rise.  

I have multiple sclerosis which is making it hard to walk.  My right leg had become very stiff at the knee.  With Cris's treatments, I am able to lift my leg higher and there is less pain in my feet after the treatments.  Cris hits the pressure points on the bottom of my feet which seems to help the pain. After each treatment, my balance for walking and turning is much better and my energy level continues to improve. At this time, I’m also taking less pain medication. My husband has also benefited from Cris’ gift of healing. After two treatments, he has had more movement in his shoulders and less pain.”


Lenore Sack










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