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October 9, 1986

This letter of recommendation regarding Cris Cotone is written with confidence and ease. 

I an a number of my associates have reaped the benefits of Miss Cotone's unique physical therapy for almost 5 years. 

I firmly believe that it’s because of her work with my mother that she (my mother) is able to walk, today.... my mother suffered a broken back and after surgery and much physical therapy, she was still bedridden for over 8 months. I brought Cris in on the case and in less than 3 months my mother was walking again and quite well. A similar accident resulted in a broken hip for my mother and again Ms. Cotone’s diligence and expertise were our salvation. She has also been responsible for relieving a number of my own migraine headaches, among other maladies, allowing me to work when I would otherwise have been incapacitated. Though the following information may be inappropriate in this letter, I should also like to note that Ms. Cotone’s honesty and integrity are above reproach and I value her professionalism as well as her skill.”



Patty Duke










Patty Duke Actress

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