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"After just the first treatments, I experienced a major increase in self-confidence and feelings of happiness.  Throughout the treatment, I started the process of releasing suppressed anger, resentment and sadness.  As a result, I felt much lighter and happier, experiencing a reduction in anxiety and fear.  In addition, my Chiropractor, who was working on my gall bladder problem at the time, advised that he could see a remarkable improvement as a result of my treatments with Cris.  As well, my Psychotherapist, who I have been working with for years, noticed that I had opened up and shifted significantly, allowing me to move forward with my healing.  Working with Cris was a pleasure.  I felt comfortable and loved.  My healing experience and friendship with Cris influenced my decision to pursue training in energy healing practices upon my return home to Canada.  Thank you Cris."


Caroline Crawford

Kingston, Ontario, Canada










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