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Skin Healing Without Skin Grafting



"After a long history of golf and tennis, a wheelchair was not where she wanted to be. Generally, when someone offered a new form of therapy or massage, she would agree for a short period of time and then decide it wasn’t worth it. Cris was the exception. I watched in amazement as my mother continued to accept Cris’ aid, commenting frequently how much better she felt after a visit. Her caregivers regularly remarked that she felt better, stood better, slept better and was happier after she had seen Cris. This was a remarkable improvement under the circumstances. Due to an unfortunate accident, my mother suffered a large skin tear on the back of her hand. I met her at the emergency room and saw the damage first-hand. It was slightly smaller than the size of a silver dollar, with the muscle and sinew exposed. I was told she would need a skin graft. During Cris’ regular visits, she did some energy work with the hand. The bandage was not removed during this time or any sort of medication applied. Four days later we arrived at the surgeon’s office to see what had to be done. He removed the bandage and asked me to describe what the wound was originally like. I told him everything I had seen. He re-examined my mother’s hand and then told me “I hate to say this, but I don’t believe you.”  He commented that the staff at the E.R. had said the same thing. He explained that there were new “granulated skin cells” visible over the wound–a remarkable thing for someone of her age. Mother passed away in November but I will be eternally grateful to Cris for the comfort and pleasure she brought my mother in her last days. Having watched my mother enjoy Cris so much, I too decided to give this a try. I can only say working with Cris has been an extremely beneficial process for me, also. Through etheric healing and pattern release, I have experienced an increased sense of peace and well-being. My friends have begun commenting on the changes–all positive of course! Her gift of healing is unique, and I regularly recommend her without reservation. I consider having met her a true gift. Thank you Cris.”



Patty O'Mally

Scottsdale, AZ




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