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Patty Duke Actress

I firmly believe that it’s because of her work with my mother that she (my mother) is able to walk, today.... my mother suffered a broken back and after surgery and much physical therapy, she was still bedridden for over 8 months. I brought Cris in on the case and in less than 3 months my mother was walking again and quite well.


“For over a decade, I have been receiving healing work from Cris Cotone. She has helped me to heal from smaller things like wounds and bruises to the biggest of illnesses; most recently breast cancer."

Multiple Sclerosis

“I have multiple sclerosis, which makes it hard to walk. Cris’ knowlege about the human body is amazing.  This is how she is able to release energy, by moving her hands over negatively affected parts of the body. "   


“I am writing this letter of recommendation for Cris Cotone with great pleasure. I started regular massage therapy on a weekly basis with Cris about 4 months ago. I suffered with fibromyalgia, sleeping problems and my life just wasn’t going in the right direction."



I was told I had endometriosis, couldn't have children, and should have surgery.  When I came to Cris, I was in incredible pain.  I began working with Cris and was able to put aside the idea of surgery and am now pregnant.  She has been a guiding force in my healing, emotionally and physically.  Her technique and personhood are extremely powerful and so are the classes she teaches in Body Psychology.  


D. Zahn

Van Nuys CA

Release From Negative Patterns 

“My experience in working with Cris Cotone in receiving treatments in Pattern Release and Body Psychology provided me with a greater understanding of how suppressed emotions have ruled my life."

​Irreversible Neurological Damage, Skin Healing Without Skin Grafting

“I first met Cris Cotone last June when she came to the assisted living facility where my 86-year-old mother resided. My mother had suffered irreversible neurological damage approximately four years earlier and could not walk without a great deal of assistance."

Helping Stroke Victims

I suffered a left-side stroke on December 7, 1999. I spent several months in hospitals and rehab centers. After my in-home rehab ran out of insurance I still had an uncontrollable left arm and a useless left hand. I would walk using a walker and help. My only mobility was provided by a wheelchair.


For the past 2 weeks, 10 days of which I spent in the hospital with severe stomach pain.  Coupled with nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.  While in the hospital, they did a CT scan and found I have diverticulitis.  They put me on several antibiotics.  Which gave me more symptoms that I went in for and only slightly decreased my stomach pain.  

My dear friend Cris came in and worked on me for about 30 minutes.   During her healing, I felt my body go through an amazing transformation.  I am no longer nauseous and the pain that I had in my stomach has sufficiently decreased to the point where I almost didn't feel it at all.  Cris taught me a breathing technique that helps with ridding my body of pain.  Cris worked on me 3 more times.  At that time, she told me that my physical body will change.  My body had changed by the 4th session.  My shoulders are back and not pulled forward.  Cris said this will happen.  Also, my attitude would change, it has, certain things don't bother me anymore and I'm happy.

I am forever grateful for the gift this woman has.  I pray that she is able to spread this gift and teach psychologists and others how to use this technique to help those in need.  Lord knows we spend countless dollars on medicine that is often hit or miss.

I love you Cris Cotone.

Tina Fogel

Scottsdale AZ

November 2019

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